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Fly Away For Amazing Food From 8 European Cities – Only For The Hungry & Brave!

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But where to go when you get there? And, more importantly, where to eat?! Here are eight wonderful places for you to visit across Europe – and some of the dishes that make them a must-eat for those sporting a healthy, adventurous appetite.

Copenhagen Food

#1 Copenhagen, Norway

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Copenhagen may be sat in the shadows of all-consuming Noma, but there are so many other great restaurants and dishes to go at in the home of Nordic cuisine. Smørrebrød is Denmark’s traditional dish – an open-face sandwich containing rye bread, fish or meat, vegetable, and sauce – you’ll find varieties across the city.

Frikadeller, Danish meatballs, are even better than Ikea’s (we know, it’s a bold claim) - fried with butter and served with soft  boiled potatoes and one of those smørrebrød. Yum. Pickled herring on rye bread (pictured), often paired with bay leaves, onion salad, and eggs may sound disgusting but, when in Rome (well… Copenhagen) you’ve got to give every new experience a chance to thrive - even pickled herring.

#2 Tblisi, Georgia

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It’s a little off the beaten track, but worth the effort to sample dishes that are as influenced by the East as they are the West. You’ve got to try Khinkali (pictured), delicious dumplings filled with pork, beef or lamb. Khachapuri – the classic Georgian cheeseybread is not to be missed.

On the subject of cheese, go for the mozzarella-like, semi-soft Sulguni or pungent mountain sheep’s milk cheese, Guda.

Finally, unearth Pkhali - a cold vegetarian appetizer of spice-rich walnut paste, fresh herbs and vinegar garnished with pomegranate seeds. Not for the faint-hearted, Tblisi is a fine reward for the brave.

#3 Porto, Portugal

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If you’re in Porto, you’ve got to try The Francesinha, a warm sandwich that’s an adaptation of the French toasted sandwich, croque-monsieur. The braver can try Tripas à Moda do Porto - Porto’s 600 year old official dish is a stew of cow tripe, smoked meats and white beans served with rice.

Finally, sample Bolinhos de Bacalhau (pictured), Fried Cod Fish Cakes - cod and mashed potatoes, as well as plenty of parsley, onions, and eggs.

#4 Bologna, Italy

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A trip to Bologna is all about the classics… porky garlicky Mortadella, tender Prosciutto, handmade tortellini, lasagne, Bolognese, silky balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano – the rightly crowned King of Cheeses! Dive in!

Oh, and remember the risotto with shaved truffles (pictured). Pricey, but ricey and nice….y. ahem.

#5 Sofia, Bulgaria

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Cold yoghurt soup Tarator contains fresh cucumbers, delicious Bulgarian yoghurt, walnuts, dill and a little water to loosen. Something a little hotter? Shkembe chorba is a tripe soup (pictured) spiced with tons of garlic, paprika and milk – a decent way to clear your head after a night on Bulgarian wine. You can also dive into Sarmi – vine leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice.

#6 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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First up, go for Potica, dough parcels filled with tarragon, walnut, cracknels and poppy seeds. Jota is next - turnip, cabbage, potatoes, beans and bay leaf – simple, hearty fare. Nothing wrong with that!

Prekmurska gibanica is a lovely dessert (pictured) – poppy seeds again, cottage cheese, walnuts and apples create this earthy layered cake.

#7 Bordeaux, France

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Escargots à la Caudéranaise – are snails served in a casserole with wine, shallot and country ham. Amazing. Eclade (pictured) is a barbecue of mussels cooked on the beach.

A water-soaked board is heaped with pine needles and ignited – when the fire is out the mussels are ready! Magret de Canard is plump duck breast steak, taken from ducks specially bred for their foie gras livers. A good cut cooked medium rare melts in your mouth and costs roughly the same as a high quality steak. We’ll leave the ethics up to you.

#8 Berlin, Germany

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Kartoffelpuffer is a pan-fried pancake made with grated potatoes, flour, eggs and onions. Sweet or savoury – add apple or garlic sauce. Eisbein (pictured) is pork knuckles, boiled or grilled, and served with sauerkraut, peas and potatoes. Lovely. Finally, königsberger klopse is a tender, meaty, meatball dish prepared with ground veal, beef, pork, onions, eggs, anchovies, flour, cooked in a broth and served with cream sauce lemon juice and capers. Eaten with potatoes – only for those hosting the heartiest appetite! Enjoy!