14-Jul-2019 | 3 MIN READ | CATEGORY

Heathrow Airport Set For Summer Strike

Unite, the UK’s biggest airport union, are suggesting that as many as 4,000 working will strike over pay this summer.

A walkout would spell chaos to the Heathrow’s summer holiday and business travellers. There are around 190,000 trips made through Heathrow every day. The action may even shut down Britain’s busiest airport. 

When will Heathrow Airport Employees strike?

At the moment, it looks like Heathrow's 4,000 employees will strike on

  • Friday 26 July
  • Saturday 27 July
  • Monday 5 August
  • Tuesday 6 August
  • Friday 23 August
  • Saturday 24 August

The regional coordinating officer for Unite, Wayne King, noted:

“There is deepening anger over pay among workers who are essential to the smooth running of Heathrow Airport. They are fed up of being expected to accept crumbs while the chief executive pockets an eye popping 103 per cent rise in his pay package and shareholders are handed dividends of over £2 billion in the last two years alone."

King added:

"All our members are seeking is a pay deal that recognises their important role in keeping passengers safe and on the move, in addition to a commitment by Heathrow bosses to close pay disparities which are leading to a high turnover of staff. Bosses at Heathrow Airport need to get their heads out of the sand and start negotiating meaningfully over pay. Otherwise there will be significant disruption to flights to and from Heathrow and the potential closure of the airport over the summer months because of industrial action.”

A Heathrow Airport spokesperson countered:

"We are disappointed that Unite will be taking strike action. Following this decision, we will be implementing contingency plans that will ensure the airport remains open and operating safely throughout any coordinated action. We will be working alongside our airline partners to minimise disruption caused to passengers as they look towards their well-deserved summer holidays.”