29-Oct-2019 | 3 MIN READ | CATEGORY

How big it is, what the plan is and when it will be ready…

The new Heathrow runway would be the first new full-length runway to be built in the south east of England since World War 2. A three-runway Heathrow will provide up to 740,000 flights and 130 million passengers a year, according to the airport.

It will allow the airport to be on the same footing as other giants such as Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

The airport said on its website:

"Heathrow expansion is a vital project in the national interest, which will help deliver new domestic routes and connect more of the country to fast growing markets around the world. This will create new opportunities for businesses across the country, help to boost exports, and promote Britain’s future as an open, outward-looking trading nation.”

It's not yet clear exactly when the project will be finished as there are still hurdles to overcome.

In June, Heathrow Airport published its "master plan" which included the aim of constructing the third runway by 2026. However, Heathrow will submit final plans for scrutiny by inspectors at a planning inquiry next year.

"And as for the Heathrow third runway, it remains the case that I have lively doubts about the abilities of the promoters of that scheme, as I think he does, to meet standards of air quality and of noise emissions. And we will have to see how the courts adjudicate in that manner."