03-Oct-2019 | 3 MIN READ | CATEGORY

What are The Levels of Driving Automation?

The Society of Automobile Engineers are the guardians of safe travel and they decide on what the six levels of driving actually mean. Here goes…

Level 0 - Automated system issues warnings and may momentarily intervene but has no sustained vehicle control.

Level 1 – Hands On - The driver and the automated system share control of the vehicle. An example is Cruise Control, Parking Assistance or Lane Keeping Assistance Type II.

Level 2 – Hands Off - The automated system takes full control of the vehicle (accelerating, braking, and steering). Driver must be ready to intervene. Contact between hand a wheel is often mandatory.

Level 3 – Eyes Off - The driver can safely turn their attention away from the driving tasks. The vehicle will handle situations that call for an immediate response, like emergency braking. The driver must still be prepared to intervene within a limited time, specified by the manufacturer.

Level 4 – Mind Off - No driver attention. The driver may safely go to sleep or leave the driver's seat. Self-driving is supported only in limited spatial areas (geofenced) or under special circumstances, like traffic jams.

Level 5 – No Human Intervention Required - At SAE Level 5 the automated system will never need to ask for an intervention.