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Flying soon? Here are ten ways to make your flight cooler, easier and pleasier...

Are you off for a trip soon? Or maybe you're looking for a gift for someone you know? 

Smart Airport Transfers can promise to get you to the airport with the minimum of fuss and pick you up after your break. 

While you're in the air and abroad? That's down to you!

We say travel well, travel safe, travel smart and also travel cool... here are ten piece of kit we really like, we thought you might too. 

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1 The Mini First Class Tech Case from Stow London
Around £300

A lavish leather tech and phone case for travel – it holds a mobile phone, a passport, Stow’s very own Sleek Travel Phone Charger and an array of other travel necessities; making it a must-have item for the organised traveller...

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2 Bose Frames Rondo Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses
Around £200

The first audio sunglasses from Bose. Connect by Bluetooth with your smart device and get an amazing personal audio experience. Hidden in each of the sunglasses’ temples are miniaturised Bose electronics, producing rich, immersive sound for the listener, while others hear virtually nothing. You have to hear them to believe it!

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3 Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron
Around £25

Featuring a 420-watt motor and three fabric heating levels, this is the smallest travel steam iron in the world. About the size of computer mouse, it’s extremely useful for leisure, business travellers and cabin crew alike.

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4 Skyroam – Solis
Around £150

Don’t worry about foreign SIM cards or roaming charges again. The Skyroam creates a Wi-Fi zone that offers unlimited 4G LTE services in over 130 countries around the world. The Skyroam supports up to five connections and works as a portable charger too. A day pass is $9 and gives you unlimited internet access for 24 hours. Perfect. 

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5 Vago Portable Luggage Compressor & 1 X Medium Bag – Black
Around £40

The ultimate travel packing gadget. The Vago is an automatic vacuum pump that removes all the air inside your suitcase, condensing the clothes to half their size. If you’re shopping abroad or want to take just-in-case warm clothes, this is for you.

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6 Menu Baggy Winecoat
Around £25

A stylish and practical wine bag ideal for holiday picnics, romantic walks… anything where you’re on the move. Hard wearing, adjustable and you can even add an ice pack if you want to keep things cool.

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7 Tile Pro
Aroud £30

Lost your can’t-lose bit of kit while travelling? If you’d attached one of Tile’s durable Bluetooth pucks to your stuff you’d be puzzlingly calm. Attach tile, launch the partner app to find its last-known location and, if it’s within 300ft, make the little thing ring.

8 EasyLock Temporary Travel Door Lock   
Around £25

Prevent anyone from opening your door with this simple yet incredibly strong device. Chromium plated steel wrapped in ABS plastic, EasyLock is simple to install and takes just seconds to activate. EasyLock allows you to open the door a little to receive a note or identify the knocker – it’s perfect for hotels, dorms, rented home etc. Oh, and super light too.

9 Wondercube
Around £40

Charger, memory card, torch, micro sd reader, smartphone stand, emergency power – it’s eight gadgets in one in a one inch box. Because it comes with a key ring, it can remain right on your set of keys so it’s always within reach and ready.

10 Minipresso GR
Around £50

The perfect portable espresso machine. Compact, lightweight and versatile. This is the best way to grab a morning cup of yeah on the go.