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Is uber really so cheap?

We get it – uber are cheap.

But what is the real cost of getting into a car with an untrained driver who doesn’t know the best routes around London and who has been through only the scantest background checks? Your taxi ride to the airport could cost you, and the rest of the country, a whole lot more than your final total.

Perhaps you should play it a little safer? Perhaps you should hire a professional driver who meets and greets you at the Heathrow Airport exit gate ready to take you to your destination? Or perhaps you’re flying into Gatwick and need a quick transfer? Give us your flight number and Smart Airport Transfers will be there on time, every time.

Back to uber. uber are based in San Francisco, USA, the land of the free economy who, increasingly under the new political order, trample workers’ rights underfoot.

Did you know that uber rigorously check that their drivers won’t do anything dangerous, like attempt to join a union, but background checks on criminality? Not so hot. Take a look for yourself…

Additionally, take a look at the Telegraph’s piece on uber’s policy of not taking unaccompanied Under 18s as they face increasing pressure to secure fares:

It’s not just uber drivers who might be bending the rules.

According to a piece on Bloomberg last week, Uber Technologies Inc. have responded to a European crackdown on tax evasion by creating a $6.1 billion tax deduction in their Netherlands bill that will offset its global tax bill for the foreseeable future. How did uber do it? When the EU updated rules governing multinationals, Uber moved some of its offshore subsidiaries to new territories. So, uber may be cheap, but what about the income tax used to build schools and hospitals? That has to come from somewhere and, if uber can help it, it seems as little as possible will come from their coffers.

Poor payers?

From another piece in the Telegraph, a report from Oxford University found drivers make £11 an hour after costs – just above the London Living Wage of £10.20 per hour. Is that a fair wage?

Market Forces

Oh, stop complaining I hear you say, just leave things to the market won’t you? Hmm… if fully licensed and fully trained drivers are priced out of the market and uber drivers rule the roads, do you think the lovely people at Uber will keep their prices quite so keen?

Perhaps the long term cost of using this US company may hit us all in the pocket one day.