04-Oct-2019 | 3 MIN READ | CATEGORY

Delta Air Lines-backed Virgin Atlantic Airways has Heathrow plans...

Delta Air Lines-backed Virgin Atlantic Airways has set out plans for an aggressive expansion of its network from London Heathrow.

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Virgin's plans would take its Heathrow long haul network from 19 routes to 54. Virgin also plan to extend their 12 UK domestic routes and 37 short haul European routes.

The expansion would include some routes that are currently British Airways monopolies. Virgin will only make the move if Heathrow's proposed third runway is built and if the slot allocation system is changed.

Virgin and partners currently have 8.6% of slots at Heathrow whereas BA has 51.1%

A Virgin expansion would require a disproportionate allocation of new capacity at Heathrow. Barriers to rapid expansions has rarely stopped Richard Branson in the past.